Killing of Soleimani: Bangladesh issues security alerts for migrants in Iraq

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Bangladesh embassy in Iraq has advised Bangladeshi nationals to avoid travelling to troublesome areas in the country considering the ongoing insecurity and unsettling situation.

“The Bangladeshi migrants have been requested not to travel anywhere except their workplaces and residences and to avoid all sorts of meeting and gatherings if there is no special necessity,” reads a press release by the embassy in Baghdad issued yesterday.

The embassy will remain open to provide consular assistance 24/7, it said.

The embassy issued the instruction following a US air strike in Baghdad yesterday which killed Qassem Soleimani, Tehran’s most prominent military commander and the architect of its growing influence in the Middle East.

Immediately after the killing, Iran promised vengeance.

Soleimani, a 62-year-old general who headed the elite Quds Force, was regarded as the second most powerful figure in Iran after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The overnight attack, authorised by US President Donald Trump, was a dramatic escalation in a “shadow war” in the Middle East between Iran and the United States and its allies, principally Israel and Saudi Arabia.