540 farmers get free seeds and fertilizers in Nakla

অনলাইন ডেস্ক অনলাইন ডেস্ক

সৃষ্টিবার্তা ডটকম

প্রকাশিত: এপ্রিল ২৩, ২০২০

SB Correspondent, Sherpur: Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) on Monday to Saturday distributed 2,700 kg of Aus seeds; 16,200 kg chemical fertilizers for free among 540 farmers at Nakla upazila of Sherpur in this season. The seeds and fertilizers were distribution by motivation support of DAE.

These fertilizers and seeds distribution program has been arranged at the upazila agricultural office of Nakla, each union parished field of Nakla, to prevent the gathering of farmers for prevent the transmission of the Novel Corona virus (Covit-19).

Agriculturist Paresh Chandra Dash Upazila Agriculture Officer (UAO) of Nakla said that, 110 farmers of the Baneswardi union, 75 farmers of the Nakla Municipal area, 70 farmers of the Chandrakona union, 60 farmers of the Talki union, 160 farmers of Ganapaddi union, Nakla union, Urfa union and Pathakata union, among that 40 fermers were get of each union; 35 farmers of Gouradhar union and 30 farmers of Char-Austhadhar union of the upazila were get seeds and fertilizers for free of coast. He also said, under this program, each farmer was get 5 kg of Aus paddy seeds, 20 kg of Die Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) and 10 kg of Muriate of Potash (MoP) fertilizer. A total of 2,700 kg of Aus seeds; 10,800 kg DAP and 5,400 kg MoP fertilizers distributed free of cost among 540 small and marginal farmers of Nakla upazila in this season, he added.
–SB Correspondent, Sherpur