Soybean oil not available even at higher prices

The price of onion has gone up by Tk 8 to 10 per kg in the retail market in the capital. Soybean oil prices have not yet funded. However, there is some relief in the price of vegetables.

Visting Azampur kitchen market in Uttara it has been seen soybean oil is not available even at higher prices.

The buyer has to buy another product compulsorily to buy Soyaben oil. According to the sellers, the price of domestic onion has gone up in three-four days.

Indian and local onions are being sold at taka 40 to 45 per kg. Egg prices have risen. However, the price of vegetables has come down a bit.

Ladies finger, pointed gourd , and bitter melon are being sold at 50 to 60 taka per kg. However, papaya prices have risen due to reduced supply. It is being sold at 60 taka per kg.

Besides, tomatoes are being sold at taka 80 to taka 100 per kg and green chillies at taka 100 to taka 120 per kg.


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